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The Institute has been founded in 1926 as Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute for Water Management under the initiative of an outstanding hydrologist, academician, Eugen Vladimirovich Oppokov. The activity of the Institute was aimed at solving of important applied problems of engineering hydraulics in behalf of Ukrainian economics. Since 1938, the Institute was known as the Institute of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering. Finally, in 1964, after founding of new laboratories it was reorganized to the Institute of Hydromechanics that belongs to structure of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Currently, more than 25 doctors and 50 candidates (equivalent to PhD) of sciences are involved in active research work in our organization.

 Nowadays, the fundamental and applied investigations held in the Institute cover the wide range of problems within the framework of two general scientific directions, as follows:

·        hydromechanics of moving objects and turbulent flows;

·        hydromechanics of water jets and hydraulic engineering.

Our researchers have made valuable contribution to development of hydrodynamics, acoustics, hydraulics and hydraulic engineering.

 Moving body interaction with a liquid is studied for wide range of speeds: from slow motion up to motion with the velocity, approaching the sound speed in water. Works studying the possibility of stable motion of a rigid body in water with sound speed, along with the characteristics of such motion, specify the leading position of our Institute in the world. Investigations covering the velocity range typical for modern underwater and surface watercraft have resulted in developing of new ways for drag and surface wave disturbances control. Various aspects of problem of boundary layer control are studied in the Institute.

 Several research teams are involved in studying of properties of waves having the different nature. Knowledge of features of the internal waves in stratified fluids allows the understanding of dynamical processes in World Ocean that is interesting for many practical applications. Consideration of the surface waves (including the solitons) provides the basis for solving the engineering problems of coast protection and the off-shore constructions stability. The interesting results have been obtained in different branches of acoustics, including the dynamical processes of fluid-structure interaction, sound generation by flows, and control of characteristics of piezoceramic sound radiators. Researchers from our Institute have the fundamental achievements that give basis for developing of novel biomedical applications and designing of the computer complexes for analyzing of respiratory sounds.

 Investigations of dynamics of groundwater flows, filterability of new materials and filtration flows in artificial filters allow the developing of modern technologies for irrigation and flooding prevention. Studying of the filtration flows in view of chemical reaction have provided the creation of means for water clearing from the salts of heavy metals and some types of related pollution.

 In the Institute, we have the system of equipment for carrying out of all kinds of experiments necessary for supporting of theoretical works and creation of mathematical models for the problems under consideration.

 Two scientific journals, “Applied Hydromechanics” and “Acoustic Bulletin” are published in the Institute. Full texts of all papers in Russian or Ukrainian and abstracts in English are available at this web-site.


                            Director of the Institute

                            Academician of NASU

                                   Professor          Victor  Grinchenko